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Simply drink more water with Bolero beverage powder

It is difficult for you to drink more water and you have often caught yourself that the afternoon has already reached and you have hardly had anything to drink? Or have you already drank a lot, but your drinks contain a lot of sugar and you want to eat healthier? If this sounds familiar to you, then you are not alone and that is why we at Bolero are happy to help.

Complement your drinks with tasty fruit flavors from BOLERO. BOLERO powdered drink is a brilliant, low-calorie way to increase your fluid intake. You can mix it with tap water or mineral water to get a refreshing fruit drink that is full of vitamin C but completely sugar-free. Bolero powdered drinks are available in over 70 different flavors. Our wide range of varieties makes drinking easy and it has never been easier to drink 2 liters per day. Do not renounce the taste, renounce sugary drinks.

These are the advantages of Bolero beverage powder at a glance:

  • Completely sugar-free
  • Low in calories
  • Gluten free
  • lactose-free, with natural coloring and without preservatives
  • Over 70 different flavors
  • Without additives
  • Thanks to the practical sachets and sticks, you can take BOLERO with you everywhere, whether for sport, work or travel.

Bolero drink powder is available in the following variants:

Classic varieties: Here you will find all the classic flavors of our bolero drinks

Ice Tea: Our top sellers are the iced teas from our bolero drinks. Whether iced lemon, iced peach or iced passion fruit. Each type of iced tea has a delicious, refreshing taste and is a perfect summer drink. However, you can pour hot water over our iced teas and enjoy Bolero Ice Tea even on cold days.

Bolero Sport and Energy: Bolero Sport is your companion for training. Bolero Sport is enriched with minerals and vitamins and is suitable for hydration during physical activities. You are tired or need a little performance boost for your training. Then BOLERO ENERGY is just right for you. Bolero Energy contains caffeine and thus activates your natural energy in the body.


Bolero beverage powders are available in the following sizes:

  • Boxes of 24
  • Boxes of 12
  • Individual sachets - so you can freely choose your varieties and put together your own mix box
  • Sticks - our practical sticks contain 3g and are practical for on the go. 3g is enough for 750 - 1,500 ml, depending on how sweet you want your drink to be
  • 100g bags - for bulk buyers or sports facilities, we also have large bags of up to 100g.
  • Mix boxes - are practical for all those who are new to Bolero and want to test our variety. Our introductory packages are available in various designs.